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Client testimonials

Liz has been my Pilates instructor for the past year and has helped me resolve many issues in my neck and shoulder. She is by far the best instructor I have had and has taught me a lot about how to move properly. She really understands the subtleties of Pilates and how to make movements easier. I would recommend anybody to try her classes!

Tim Hawes

I have done one to one and group classes with Liz over the past few years and have never felt it was repetitive or formulaic. She is wonderful at tailoring the session to individual needs and is incredibly knowledgeable, caring and intuitive.   

Jenni Hodgson

I started Pilates for the first time with Liz nearly three years ago. I am not a ‘natural’ -I avoid stratified exercise if I possibly can. But I find the lessons thoroughly enjoyable.  Liz carefully prepares them in advance, but she adapts each class according to my needs - both physical and emotional. 


Less than a year ago I had a total hip replacement. Osteoarthritis cannot be cured by Pilates but its effects mitigated. Building up the body strength before surgery was, I believe, critical for the successful outcome of the surgery and the classes since have contributed to my ongoing recovery. Pilates is extraordinary and Liz a wonderful teacher.

Juliet Steyn

My osteopath suggested 121 pilates sessions with Liz to improve mobility following years of back and neck pain (slipped disc and whiplash). When I first began I could barely bend to put on shoes and was fearful of damaging my back again. Liz took things slowly and I gradually gained confidence and increased my range of movement. I now rarely have neck pain and notice fewer headaches.

Alison White

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