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About me

After many years working as a Glassblower I began practising Pilates after experiencing work and then pregnancy related back pain. My pain eased and I realised that I had found a form of exercise that was beneficial to my body, gave me a greater sense of well-being and most of all - I really enjoyed it! 

Subsequently I trained as a Pilates Mat and Reformer instructor with Polestar Pilates UK and am dedicated to giving my clients a safe, supported and rewarding experience in my group Mat and  private Reformer classes.

My approach to teaching Pilates is holistic with a firm belief that 'balanced' health is one that combines body, mind and spirit. Being able to move with ease and  enjoy everyday activities is my primary goal with all my clients. Pilates really can help to make you happy!


I regularly further my training with with Polestar UK and other, related movement disciplines including:

  • Buff Bones - Body Conditioning for Bone and Joint Health  (certified instructor)

  • Movement for Menopause (certified instructor)

  • The Franklin Method - Training  and Webinars: Face, Neck and Shoulders Fascia training; Pelvic Power; Healthy knees for Life; Pain Free Sacroiliac; PSOAS:Beyond the Abdominals; Happy Face Fitness; The Hand in Motion; Movement and imagery of the Pelvic Floor

  • Art of Motion - Anatomy Trains in Motion as part of 'Slings Myofascial  Training' 

My Pilates East Liz Pallant

" Change happens through movement and movement heals"

Joseph Pilates 

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