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Please email me at if you have any questions or would like to book a session.


* Concessions for over 65's may be available

 Reformer Classes 


This is my studio in Holme-Next-The-Sea where I have 3 Reformer machines for private Pilates classes for up to 3 people at one time. 

What is a  Reformer?

The Reformer is a machine originally created by Joseph Pilates. It consists of a sliding carriage with springs, pulleys and ropes. It is an extremely versatile piece of equipment that can be used to either assist or challenge Pilates exercises by adjusting the tension of the springs. 

Because the carriage (bed that you lie on) is on legs and raised by 12inches it is ideal for people who find it challenging to get comfortably up and down from the floor. Although it looks a little scary, the Reformer is an amazing piece of equipment that is supportive and comfortable where  Pilates exercises  can be adapted to suit everyone. 

This ability to increase and decrease the spring tension can help to create a tailor made class that can be either restorative, functional, dynamic or a mixture of all three...and I always aim to promote a whole body health approach to the session.

Who do I work with?

'Rebalancing Reformer' for Women 

I work with women who have reached a time in their lives where they may be experiencing or have experienced the effects of hormonal changes both in the period leading up to (Peri) and after (Post) The Menopause. This usually starts around 45years old and symptoms can last for many years into older age (although this can vary from person to person).

These symptoms can be wide ranging such as stiff and aching joints particularly the shoulders, hips and knees, headaches, brain fog, anxiety, sleep disturbances plus many, many more.

These tailor made reformer classes incorporate exercises that aim to address these symptoms as well as maintain bone and muscle strength.

The classes are always informative and aim to encourage women to have a greater body awareness, understand the changes that are occurring and how to create a better 'balance' of body, mind and spirit within their everyday lives.

'Rebalancing Reformer for 50yrs+ 

These tailor made reformer classes are available for men and women who would like to improve their ease of movement and overall sense of well being. The exercises in the class aim to improve every day functional activities.

Whether it's as instrumental as reaching up to get something out of the top cupboard, tying your shoe laces or whether its playing a recreational sport like tennis or golf, performing these activities with ease can create more confidence and joy of movement in our everyday lives.

A tailor made  class can asses what the priorities are for the individual clients and then appropriate exercises can be safely incorporated  into  a personalised program.


How to book your class 

Private classes are for up to 3 people by creating your own group of like minded friends or family.  Clients are also welcome to work on their own. 

please email me to ask any questions and book a trial class. 

Classes can be booked for Wednesday daytime and are 50 mins long.


1-2-1 (one person) - £45 (Block of 5 £200)

Duet (2 people) - £60 (Block of 5 £270)

3 people - £70 (Block of 5 £315)


My Pilates East Group Classes

Prefer a group class?

All group Mat classes are Live Streamed or pre recorded via Zoom.

Classes are small, relaxed, informal and (hopefully) fun!

Classes are taught from 'Whole Body Health' approach and clients are encouraged and supported to move at their own pace and ability whilst building  a deeper awareness of the body and how it moves. 

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